Bruce and Penny StragnahanIt was Christmas 2010, the season of goodwill and charitable acts, and Bruce Stranaghan, owner of Integra Tire Kelowna, was sitting in his office at Integra Tire Kelowna.

As he stared at the tire displays and the customer cars in the service bays at the shop…he had a thought going round and round in his head. How could the business of selling tires and servicing vehicles be more directly involved in giving back to the community?

When Bruce got home that night, he told his wife Penny about the “thought circles” going round and round in his head….Christmas and the acts of giving and receiving, what goes around comes around….

and his wife exclaimed “Karma!” (except in her head it was spelt with a “C”)

And the Carma Car concept was created….

Take a donated used car, have the Integra Tire mechanical team fix it up, and give it to a family in need of transportation.

Three Carma Car giveaways later,  the Carma Car project has had a number of individuals and local businesses support the project and the circle of community consciousness continues to expand!

And to think it all started with a thought circle…